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Horses running in field




Owner kneeling between mini horses
Horse looking out over Georgian Bay
Dog standing in forest

Animals and horses have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a child, I dreamed about owning a horse of my own. After graduating college with a diploma in animal health, I finally managed to buy my first horse. More than thirty years later, I've spent thousands of hours riding, coaching, training and showing horses. 


As an adult, my natural curiousity about animal health sparked an interest in human health and wellness, eventually landing me a role in a busy doctor's office. This combination of animal and human health care gave me a solid foundation to expand my knowledge even further.

This new quest for knowledge began in 2007, shortly after I decided to buy my 'dream' dressage horse. I was determined to buy a gelding with good conformation and temperment, who was amateur friendly and already started under saddle. What I brought home instead was an unstarted 2 year old mare!


Her name was Mariska and I was in love. Since she was unstarted, I left her to grow for two years before I began the slow steady process of her training. It is through this journey that I learned alternative therapies to help her grow into a wonderful athlete. Today, I use my practical knowledge of alternative therapies to help others address imbalances and optimize their wellness.

After successfully working with many different horses and humans throughout the past 30 years, I'm confidant I can put my knowledge and skills to work for you!

Fox Hollow Farm

Overlooking the shores of Georgian Bay, Fox Hollow Farm is home to me and my five horses, one somewhat lazy barn cat named Ebony and a lovable, albeit rambunctious, dog named Willow. This tranquil setting is the perfect place for you and your beloved equine to relax and start your journey back to balance and alignment.

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