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As a Certified Bowen Health Therapist (CBHT), Certified Equi-Bow Therapist (CEBT) and Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner (CEAP), I provide you with a personalized session that may including one or more of the following: Bowen Therapy, Equi-Bow Therapy, Equine Acupressure, kinesiotaping, aromatherapy or cold laser therapy.


Like conventional medicine, alternative therapies are not an overnight fix. They need time to work and I typically recommend a minimum of three sessions over the course of 30 days to start realizing the benefits of your sessions.


1.  All prices quoted below are for sessions performed at my location.  Travel fees may be required for alternate location. Call for quote.

2.  Ship-ins welcome.

3.  Some private health insurance companies accept claims for Bowen Therapy. Please call your insurance company directly to find out if you are eligible to submit a claim for this service.



Duration: 15 minutes

Opportunity for you to ask questions and hear how my approach could help you reach your wellness goals.




Duration: up to 1.5 hours

Comprehensive discussion of your health and wellness goals, medical history, etc.; in-depth review of wellness plan.




Duration: up to 1 hour

Monitor progression of your session; discuss areas of concern; tweak wellness plan as required.




Duration: up to 3.5 hours


SAVE >10% when you purchase an initial consultation and two followup sessions.  All three sessions to be scheduled within 30 days. Full payment due at time of booking.

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